There is a difference between getting something out the door vs getting it off your plate.  You might think they are similar in part because they both involve completing something, to some degree, however with closer inspection you start to see the difference.

Out the Door

  • You’ve been on this for awhile and now’s the time to make the push.
  • Build something and deliver it.
  • Work hard towards the end to push something out the door for people to use.
  • Bring the team together to drive towards an end goal that needs to happen.
  • Get customer feedback through the trial process to see what does and doesn’t work and adjust where possible.

Off your Plate

  • Arrives on your plate unexpectedly, without warning.
  • Get something out of your way as quickly as possible to clear room for the next thing.
  • Rush through something not for the sake of completing it, but for the sake of making room for the next urgent thing.
  • You’re the lone wolf, trying to get something done, early in the morning or late at night.
  • Get it out there, forget the customers, just get it out there.

When looked at this way, getting something out the door focusses more on the Important things to be created, whereas getting something off your plate focusses on getting the urgent request du jour is focussed on completing something for the sake of getting back to what you need and want to be working on.

Urgency vs Importance.

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