Last week I was travelling quite a bit and had a number of opportunities to encounter customer service.

This isn’t about the bad kind, this is about the good, really, really good kind.

From the moment I walked in I was blown away – and not just by one person, but by the entire organization – person at the desk, person at the door, person in the hallway, etc.  I encountered, easily 5 – 6 people that continued that mantra of amazing customer experience.  Obviously the remarkable piece is that this was not solely one person, but rather many people, in teams that do not interact with each other, all focussed on one path and direction to get there – make the customer happy.

In no way did they have to put forth any insane complimentary offers – how they handled the simple things like – my registration, where to go to eat, are their other options besides parking my car here.  All of these interactions were focussed around honesty and dedication to meeting that one goal.

I’m always impressed when an organization is able to do that, from top to bottom, from interaction with customers to interactions with one’s own team – it’s clearly an incredible feat that is not accomplished overnight but in a constant re-evaluation and iteration of one’s people and processes.

But when it happens – wow – it makes you stand back and – wow.

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