Take 3 parts great people.

Take 1 ounce of luck.

Take 2 cups of awesome product.

Add 1 tablespoon of secret sauce.

And poof – Instant Culture

Not quite.

It’d be great if we could all have that super awesome culture of “Awesome Company Du Jour” – even when it changes to a completely different company, we’d simply switch over to that new brand of company.

Yeah that’d be awesome – that’d work – except it won’t.

Talk to all these people and they’ll all tell you the same thing – it evolved, it started with a few and grew from there, it didn’t happen in a moment it evolved over time, there was a swirling of storms that happened and we created the perfect thing, etc, etc.

And they would be all right.

Changing culture is not an overnight sensation and there is no pre-established to timeline to how and when you will get it done but they do all require one important ingredient to have a chance at success – the Champion (or we’ll call them the Champ).

Who is the Champ?  It’s someone with a vision for how things should be and where they need to go.  Someone who is cognizant of perhaps some of the problems that need to be fixed and other times how to let new ideas grow and evolve.  It is not an easy role and to be honest it’s downright brutal – you will take a lot of lumps to get there but one of the most important aspects of this role is the continual involvement and engagement of your team – without them assisting you, pushing you and yes providing feedback to you (good or bad) – you are simply a culture onto yourself of what you want to be, but not taking the steps to actually get there.

Anyone can be a culture onto ourselves, it’s called a personality, you want to create a new team culture, become a Champ, live it and lead it because in the recipe to culture (not Instant Culture) this is the secret sauce.

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