It’s 9 months into my year long goal of trying to become a better drawer.  I can’t use the term artist at this point in time.

I’ve taken to calling the moments that I sit down to draw that oh so humbling moment where I close my eyes and see incredibly sketches in my head, only to see them not turn out like that on paper.

I haven’t thrown anything out, I’m almost through my first sketchbook, but still nothing that stops someone in their tracks to go – “You killed it.”.

What have I done?

  • I’ve bought books on how to draw from a variety of angles.
  • I’ve discovered how different sets of pencils can help me, 4H you are my new friend.
  • I’ve printed out so many tutorials on how to draw from different approaches.
  • I’ve copied so many comic book drawings trying to make mine look like something close.

What have I learned?

  • I’ve learned that erasers are harder to user when they go blunt.
  • I’ve learned that even the worst of the worst artists that people spray venom at on at ongoing basis are light years ahead of where I am.
  • I’ve learned that developing your own drawing style, is much harder than anything I have ever done.
  • I’ve learned that patience is a word that probably came from people learning to draw.

What have I to do?

  • Keep going.

I might miss this year’s goal, but if I can push to keep hitting 30 minutes, once a day, every day, I might someday, reach that goal.  For that time, I work with a different set of tools, trying something new, not sure where it is going to take me, frustrated by my progress, but never yielding.

Not all experiments are completed in a day…

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