In this case, I need a coder, I need someone to assist on projects and products, I need someone to make a dent in the workload on our plates.

That is today.

Tomorrow, I will need a leader, someone to groom future team members and continue their growth by guiding, coaching and mentoring them.  I’ll need someone that does more then provide great bug regression counts but someone who can review others work and make them not feel like a loser but that they are on the right path.  I’ll need someone that can say no to unyielding demand and stand up for their team.  I’ll need someone who can coordinate a tiger team-esque style effort to make something happen when the chips are down and keep the team driving towards their goal.  I’ll need someone who knows when it is better to get out and push rather than stay in and steer.

In short, I’ll need a leader.

So although you might be the best guru in the language of the moment that might help me today, I’m not going to hire you.  I’m going to hire the guy (or the girl) that could be the future leader that I need tomorrow.

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