Take a Step Back


How many times has the resolution to a problem come to you when you stepped back from a problem?

Perhaps you did something else?

Maybe you talked to someone about it?

Or maybe it just sat there for 2 weeks until you went back to it?

Did it work?

So why not do it more often?

Oh that’s right, the time crunch, where everything needs to be fixed yesterday and you don’t have time to Step Back and think about it.

Or do you?

We’re not saying months, weeks, days, hours because we don’t know.  Maybe stepping back is still within your project delivery parameters that it doesn’t make an impact to take a few days to think about the problem.  And if you are batting a 1.000 when you step back, why would you not try this approach in your current problems or try to promote it?

Oh yeah, time, and the connotation that stepping back takes time, time away from working, from doing from producing when in fact stepping back reduces working, reduces production and can sometimes get you to the right answer, in less time without having to do it over again in a few months when you need to re-write that class file that you rushed to complete.

Stepping back – it saves time, you just don’t know it yet.

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