The Developer Office Essential


Here it is, the definitive list of what a developer needs to get by in their career…

A Whiteboard.

That’s it, that’s all.

What can a developer do with a whiteboard?

  • Map out ideas.
  • Collaborate with team members.
  • Reduce confusion.
  • Direct conversation.
  • Learn patience by watching others “drive”.
  • Layout their priorities.
  • Plan release cycles.
  • Do something funky with sprints and iterations and boards and scrums and product managers.
  • Design a user interface
  • Keep the list of the best takeout places in the area
  • Guide your day.

Sure I need a laptop or desktop or dual screens and keyboard or a pretty mouse and maybe even a gorgeous moleskin notebook.  But ask me the first thing that I purchase in any new office and it is always the Whiteboard – large and in charge.

The best days are walking by and watching people map out their ideas as they figure out solutions to problems and come away with a clearer understanding of where they are going then before they went it.

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