There should be an app that tracks;

  • appointment reminders
  • calendar invites
  • emails
  • texts
  • tweets
  • pokes
  • tags
  • pings
  • pongs

The last one isn’t real – but you get the idea (or maybe it is).

How high would that number be?  Would it surprise you?

All of that is what surrounds us on a daily basis, we live it, breathe it and it gets in the way of getting all that we want to get it done.  It’s the outside noise that surrounds us now, that envelops and surrounds us, from morning to night.  We could turn it off, but then we might be worried about missing something OR actually miss something.

But when it’s all off and there isn’t even the slightest of hum, all of a sudden what you do during the day becomes plentiful.

If you’ve never played with the Do Not Disturb settings on your iPhone, you can now schedule your phone to sleep at a certain time and if needs be, allow for those emergency calls to come through from your favourites.

Go ahead, live it with for a week and see if you can survive without the noise.


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  1. We have all – at one time or another – forgotten our mobile at home. We curse the Gods, realize we are forced to do without, and proceed to have the most productive day in months.

    Proof that our phones are more master than slave.

    These days I turn it off for all meetings and in that crucial nut of time from 9 to 11 I let it take messages silently except for anything from twelve key people.

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