Don’t you hate when you spend the day before the week to start and you meticulously lay out your week in front of you.  You’ve got your beautiful TODO lists all planned out, tasks, boards, charts, post-its, whatever it is you do to get organized and then…


Monday starts and you’re already pushing pieces out to the next day, and then the next and next thing you know you’re starting to get ready for next week realizing you didn’t accomplish what you had initially intended to get done.

So what happened?

Did you not make the time?

Did the urgent take over the important?

Did someone’s priorities interfere with yours?

All of the above (and more).

It’s going to happen, some weeks are worse than others, there is no silver bullet to really get it done.  The best I can think of is to step back and look at my Week over Week (WOW?) and see what I did versus what I Intended versus what is on my plate for next week.  It might not get all my items done, but at least I have a better idea of what I did, where I went wrong or needed more time and if I really want to check all the boxes for next week where I really need to invest in my schedule.

It’s not a plan to check all the boxes, it’s a plan to figure out why you aren’t checking all the boxes, figure out which ones are noise (can be eliminated), which ones are valid (life happens) and which ones need refinement (I could have done that better).


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