Tough topic, mentors, everyone (I think) wants one.  A guru of sage advice that probably resembles more Yoda then the Emperor.  I’ve read articles where people announced their mentors to the world and engaged them as a mentor early on in their careers even sought them out.  And still others who perhaps didn’t engage their mentor per se, but from afar read everything they had to offer, every book, post, tweet, etc and soaked it up like a sponge so they could never miss a beat.

But what do we really look for?

  • A listening ear.
  • Advice for when things go sideways.
  • The suggestion that this might not work, but give it a try anyway?
  • Perhaps some industry experience?
  • A desire to see you grow your career and be challenged on an ongoing basis?
  • The straight talk that wades through the noise to make you hear what you need to be hearing.
  • The push you need when the nights are long and the mornings come faster then they should.

Whatever it is, go find them and make it happen.

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