When Starting Something , Ask yourself…


Whether it is your own idea or someone else’s – ask yourself these questions;

  • What kind of thing (group, company, initiative) do you want this to be?  Will you lead it?  What will it take?
  • What will be be your competitive advantage?  Love this article by Seth Godin.
  • What do you want this idea to be known for?  Great quality, low cost, fast turnaround, etc.
  • What do you care about most in furthering this idea?  What is driving you to make this happen.
  • How will you get people to buy-in and support you?  Don’t say you don’t need anyone or anything, at some point you will need support.
  • What do you need to do get to where you want to be?  Lay it out, the ups and the downs, the sideways and the byways – be realistic but be passionate.
  • How will you find, attract and keep your first customers?  Blogs? Tweets?  Trials?  Discounts?  Partners?

There are only a few, only a few that I can think of right now.  If you are going to start something, really, really start something, beyond coming with the ideas, but make the break and start something – ask yourself.  Better yet, forget the conversation in your head, write it down.

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