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Have you ever felt the need to put something like this at the bottom of your emails as your signature line?

Forgive the lack of clarity in this email… I am doing so many things concurrently that my responses have become erratic and chaotic at best, misleading at worst.  If you are in any way confused by what I have written please reach out to me for further clarity and don’t worry – I won’t be offended.

If you have, if you do, if you are copying and pasting this into your email signature right now, it might be time to ask yourself any of the following;

  1. Why are you responding to emails so quickly?
  2. What is forcing you do this?
  3. Would it be better if I never replied at all?
  4. Do I need to reply?

No next steps, only questions that might help you putting this into your email signature.

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