You know the saying about doing more with less to make something happen?

It’s usually thrown out be the person being asked for something and they have nothing to give.  Or in the case where you need to dig deep, tap into that unused motivation and turn water into wine and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

It’s close, but the statement is little off, really what it should read as is…

Focus on Less to Accomplish More.

You have twenty tasks to do this week, do you think you are going to get them all done?  Best guess, if you invested 25% of your effort against all of them you might be able to cross them all off.

Now would it be your best work?  Probably not, so in that case you are now working working with having spread yourself over a number of items where you completed them but you are left knowing it’s not your best work.

What if you break it down to ten tasks, are you at say 60% of getting it done but still feeling like it’s not your best?

What about five?  What about five tasks, where you spread your efforts around 80% each and you got them all done and you feel great because you knocked it out of the park.  Sure there was some room for improvement, but you made something happened and at the end of the day the end product met your standards of success maybe even a little more than you thought.

When we reduce what we have to focus on as a quantity, we increase the quality of our effort across those important (not urgent) tasks that leave you feeling like you accomplished a lot.

The key in all of this, is YOU identifying what can be done so at the end of the week YOU feel like you accomplished a lot.  Not the other way around.

When you are just scraping the barrel to get all of your work done and you know it’s shoddy the worse thing you want to hear from someone is that your 25% effort is someone else’s 100%.  Why is this the worse thing to hear?

Because last time you checked you were holding yourself to a higher standard set by you, not by someone else.

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