First thing to do when you start a company – get a logo.


Do you have a product to sell?

Do you have business cards to put it on?

Where is your letter head?

Is there a sign over the door that you can put it on?

Are the t-shirts coming next week and you need it now?

Are you about to tatoo it onto your back?

Do you have an invoice that needs your logo on it?

No, none of that is happening, even if you have a website up and running, it doesn’t need your logo on it.

What it does need…

  • Who you are
  • What problem are you trying to solve
  • When are you trying to solve it by
  • Where can someone sign up to be a part of your beta trials

Customers before Logos.

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  1. I think having a least a logo an some kind of presence gives a company the idea that you have invested in your brand and you will be around for the long run. Why should they invest in you, if a simple search yields no results or an empty website? How many IT company’s have folded quickly…if you want to have company put trust in yours, you should show that you are going to be around for the long haul, that you aren’t some fly by night company. While I agree with you, it’s not all about the logo, there is some substance in branding and having a presence that a customer can feel good about that adds value to the knowledge you bring and they can reference you to others.

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