Something is going to go wrong today.

Code will break.

Builds will fail.

Customers will flood the lines.

Your website will go down.

Someone will leave.

You’ll lose your presentation.

Someone will take your idea.

Maybe not in the same realm of the above, but something will go wrong today, it will not go as planned.

So – is now a good time to throw it all out the window?  If you can’t have the perfect day then forget it and toss it to the yard?

Yeah, not everything is going to go your way and the day might end of being a calamity.  You can keep making it into a big deal and keep letting it get worse and worse and worse until there is no end in sight.

Or you can move on, leave it where it is, let it rot and move on to the next thing, the next big thing, the next killer thing – where all along the way more and more things might go wrong on your way to making something happen.

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