You know what I miss, I miss the late night customer call that everything is broken  and we need to fix it – code or configuration – it doesn’t matter.

Okay I lie, I only partially miss this because I know all the pain and stress that goes along with it where a late night hotfix is never 5 minutes and always a long night of hours followed by showing up the next day.

And it’s not the fixes I miss per se, it’s the team coming together to solve a problem, no other singular focus but to get that customer back online.

I can count the late night hotfixes I have done and these have always been the most memorable.

Making it even that more memorable – when you don’t know the code, barely know the app, you can’t get a hold of the dev who wrote the code and you’re the first number on the list.  Only you get there and realize there’s 3 others there all trying to figure out the same problem.

Apart there is no way you’ll be able to get it done, but together, well that’s the magic of Late Night Hotfix.

That and Takeout, whether you are hungry or not, Takeout is key to a successful Late Night Hotfix – just is… it’s a proven fact.

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