Perhaps you take the bus, walk or drive to work (kudos to all the bikers and runners out there) – either way we are all in search of the perfect route to work.

That route might involve many things, beyond short distances;

  • Avoiding Traffic by leaving early, staying late
  • Where the local coffee shop is located
  • Can I take the scenic route
  • How many podcasts can I listen to on the way there
  • Carpooling

Whatever it is, that makes up your perfect route when the stars align and there is no traffic, the podcast is perfect, your beverage of choice is perfectly heated and you get to the see the sunrise coming up on the drive in – take that perfection and flip it to the worst possible drive in.

If you’d still make that drive, every day, in that worst of possible scenarios – then take that opportunity, job or career and make it happen.

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