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The Perfect Software Architecture


The Perfect Software Architecture has the following characteristics;

  1. It starts backup when the server goes down.
  2. When an internal component fails, it restarts it, releases the instance and starts again.
  3. It can run for hours, days, weeks, months and years with no maintenance.
  4. If a connection to another system fails, it lets you know but never stops.
  5. It doesn’t fault.
  6. It doesn’t require a secondary service to “watch it”.
  7. It just works.

Note: There is nothing in there about design patterns, about the perfection of the code and memory management, about logs rolling over, etc, etc.

It just works.

Good running code is code that you forget was running there in the first place only to be pleasantly surprised that it has been working so well, for so long.

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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