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Don’t Limit your Training


I have this free training package where I can go online and watch a slew of training videos.

At least I thought I could watch a slew of them.

I went to go login to the site and start taking advantage of all this site had to offer – finding a ton of material on things outside of development – writing, drawing, photoshop, mobile development, strategy planning, etc, etc.

But I only had access to what was offered to me in this free package which was very focussed on what I was being given to learn.  I looked at all these other courses and thought how they intersected into what I do and how they would help my overall core development across all these other areas.

Being an expert developer is not just about being focused in one area with a siloed view, but about understanding the complete picture and applying that view, that framework to how you approach your problem.

Don’t limit your training and your learning just someone else has.

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By Greg Thomas
Rambli Just my thoughts…

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