The Prayer of the Demo Gods


On this day, when I must demonstrate my code in front of others with the hopes that they accept all that I have built, I say this prayer in hopes that my code will work flawlessly.  I’ve done many a demo, joked about the demo god prayer, but never have actually figured out what this prayer would be… until now…

Let this code compile,

In not an hour, but a little while.

Allow this application to run with speed and zest,

as this will keep users glued to my test.

If my code blows up in my face,

do it with style and grace.

And last but not least, when all is said and run,

let thy requirements have been correctly done.

“The glued to my test” part comes from that killer moment in any demo where your demo starts to slow down and people pull out their phones, redirecting their attention from what you are doing to something else.  That is a key moment in any demo – if you can stop a users from doing that – than you have overcome a huge hurdle.


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