Of course it isn’t – hopefully you’ve move onto something new and are looking to try something different.

People use to program software on cards with punch holes in them ordered just so and fed into a machine.

When I was in University, I downloaded a 300MB IDE, compiled everything locally, dropped my files onto a 1.44MB disk and submitted that.

Now I can write code on in a fully-functioning IDE in a browser and save it instantly to any online repository (Git, Drive, Dropbox, etc).

Sure there is a learning curve each time I try to move to something different fraught with failure paths, complications, late nights staring at blank screens and banging my head against the desk.

But would I go back to how I used to do it because that’s how I used to do it knowing it had it’s own set of problems?

Then don’t worry about it, build a new path and drive forward.

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