It would be great if everything you needed came to you with no strings attached.

Even better, what if every agreement or technical discussion went your way.

If you want to manage, don’t give to get, demand it… eventually you’ll get it.

If you want to lead, you’re going to have to give, something, maybe not today or tomorrow but at some point you are going to have to give something to your team, some other team, the person struggling beside you.  And it won’t be labelled – “here this is the right thing to do now” – but when it happens you’ll know it’s the one to give on.

Because it won’t be easy.

It’ll be the the thing that requires you to put your work aside for someone else, to take a chance on the new kid on the block or a leap of faith with that new partner.  It won’t be easy, it’ll be awkward at first, you’ll glance over at your desk and see all that you have to do, thing about all the “sure things” and wonder why you are helping out this one… and wonder…

The results won’t be apparent immediately… but over time… the giving… will invariably turn into something else that would not have been there if you didn’t start it off.

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