When you go to a very large conference, crowd control is of the utmost important requirement – are there too many people in this room, how do we feed 20,000+ people for lunch, how do we keep the flow of the event moving and not have those few people going under the ropes and disrupting everything.

It’s definitely not an easy task and one I don’t envy.

But it’s one I find myself continually chuckling at – as adults – paying to attend an event where we want to learn on these new ideas, be creative and learn.  Yet where we are herded throughout the various corridors to pick up packages, eat and meet people, only to be herded once again to the next location.

I like these *supposed* ideas of banning mobile phones from these events so people cannot take photos but more so when we are being herded, we don’t look like a bunch of electronic cattle being herded to the next location without even looking up for where we are being herded to.


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