Presenters over Content


As you attend events or perhaps even learn to immerse yourself in your field of interest to the level where you know a number of the “heavy hitters” you start to shift the attendance of sessions or events based on the presenter and not the content.

If the presenter is really that good, you will listen and be engaged with whatever it is their saying.

Don’t think it’s true?

Next time you have a session catalog in front of you, pick a presenter you know and one you don’t and imagine them presenting the same content on a very dry topic. ¬†Whether your preference is for humour, information, or experience you will gravitate to the presenter you like where their style might mirror their own.

Will you like everything a presenter of choice says?

No, you’re not blind to all that is around you (I hope not).

But when you start¬†to look first at the presenter, the only thing that immediately changes is your interest – you are no longer waiting for it to end, you are engaged, interested, drawn in – and hey, you’re learning something at the same time.

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