Take a bowl, the mold if you will and drop it on the floor.

Congratulations you just broke the mold.

Now, start picking up all the pieces that no longer fit together because of cracks here and there and pieces that are so small they cannot be added back into creating the mold.

Now, take all those pieces and create the new mold from what you have gathered.

It’s not perfect is it?  

It has jagged little edges that will need to be smoothed out, it has bumps and crevices where the good ideas used to roll down.  You used to be able to fill it with milk and there’d be no leaks, now the bowl has a constant drip when filled halfway.

Breaking the Mold is the easy part, anyone can do that.  Putting the Mold back together, looking to the future while also remembering the good points of the previous mold, taking care to fix the leaks and the cracks as the new mold is used and smoothing out the rough spots – now that is hard – that takes effort, sweat equity, and time.

Everyone wants to break the mold, but very few want to put in the effort to craft the new mold because it is much, much harder to do.


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