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Building Tenets of your Organization


When I started my second company, even though it was just me, I thought it important to develop a set of guiding principles that I wanted the company to be known more.  The thought was what better time when it was just me to start writing these down.

I was probably avoiding having to write and test more software but it was a fun exercise to see what I wanted it to be.  It doesn’t need to be a complicated exercise that takes an insurmountable time, but when done early, on paper, all of a sudden you have something to throw up on your wall, on the door to the building, as a placemat in the eating area or on a mouse pad for someone, everyone, to remind themselves of on a daily basis.

Here they were – simple, with many meanings behind them.

  • We Imagine, We Deliver
  • Managers need not Apply
  • Nothing takes Two Minutes
  • Beam me up Scottie!
  • Make it Simple. Make it Stable. Make it Sexy.
  • Start at the End, work backwards, find the Best Laid Plan
  • Find solutions where you least expect it
  • Release the Kraken… sometimes
  • Be more like Halo, be less like Halo 2
  • Fall down 7 times, Stand up 8

That’s it, that’s all, no mammoth documentation required, just the will to live and breath something.

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By Greg Thomas
Rambli Just my thoughts…

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