I used to enjoy the prospect of working close to my home.  Of being able to roll out of my bed to my computer and get to it.  And on days when the weather is miserable, I still do.

I’ve always seen the time getting from A to B as being a waste of time that would be better filled doing the work rather than getting to it.

Lately, I’ve started to have this shift, where this is no longer the case, possibly because I’ve found many ways to enjoy the ride from A to B or perhaps because that distance is now the driver (no pun intended) for me to go in and get ready for the day.

Whichever the case, I’ve always thought it important that the distance it takes you to get from A to B does not leave you wondering if it would be better to work for C because it’s a shorter commute but perhaps not what you really want.

Find the thing you want.

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