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Creating Culture


Creating Culture isn’t a difficult task…

  1. Start with one person, do things a certain way.
  2. Grow to two people and tweak.
  3. Keep growing, each time tweaking your interactions with yourself, your team and your customer – keeping true to what you’ve identified as the internal tenants for your culture.
  4. As more people are brought on, the questions on culture start to come into play more and more during the interview process as you start to realize those tenants are the yardstick by which you want to be judged.
  5. Keep rinsing and keep repeating.

That’s how you create a culture, perhaps you do something cool things within there, and there is the inevitable shedding of people who don’t quite fit the team and customer mindset and that is okay (no one is perfect).

Now what’s hard, is changing culture;┬áthat is a ship that does not turn on a dime and requires a lot of effort, a significant amount of rinsing and repeating and the desire for all to be on board with.

If you’re going to change the culture of a team or company, you better be prepared to be onboard from Day 1 until Day of completion, because if you’re not, and you’re the driver, might as well let everyone off now.

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By Greg Thomas
Rambli Just my thoughts…

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