There comes a time when you are writing a document and you question whether anyone will read it.  You spend hours putting it together and part way through you start asking yourself this question.  This is a document that you send out to a large group of people that you are not sure if they will look at it or delete it as quickly as it enters their inbox.

So you have two options;

  1. Stop.
  2. If you read this far…


Yes you can stop working on this document and simply make a case for it’s irrelevance.  That might work, but it might make those in the position of consuming (the reader) said document to become entrenched in their decision to have you provide it.  Still doing a document, albeit perhaps with more scrutiny at the way someone else wants to see it done.

If you read this far…

Or you can simply add a line at the end of your document, at the end of your best work, that goes beyond the document but drives the action to reader.  It’s not about being rude, demeaning or ignorant.  It’s about reaching out and starting a conversation.

In can be as simple as…

“If you read this far, did this help?  Did this provide you with the information you needed?  Could you spare 5 minutes to sit down with me and discuss what else needs to be here?  I’ll buy the coffee?”

In the best case scenario, you could spark a conversation or discussion on what is really needed and tweak your style so you know it is being consumed, in the worst case scenario, you’ll have some pretty immediate metrics on whether people are reading your work.

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