What takes more time?

Getting started on a new project or jumping into a project you have been working on for the last few weeks?

In the former, you don’t know;

  • How long is it going to take?
  • How hard is it going to be?
  • Who will you need to help you finish it?
  • When will you finish it?
  • How many struggles will you have to go through?
  • What, if any, other obstacles will be in our way?

That’s the story we tell ourselves because we don’t have answers to these questions, that’s our story.

In the latter, the story is different;

  • I still don’t have the answers to all those questions, but I have started, I am in there, I am doing it, I am taking baby steps every day and closing the gap with each piece of work that I do.

We spend so much time worrying about getting started and coming up with excuses and reasons to not start we spend more time worrying about starting than actually starting which could invariably be less time in total to accomplish the task.


Good, then just go get started and ignore what is stopping you from jumping in.

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