When you go to a buffet what do you get?

The same things that are on the menu?

The same thing you always get?

So what’s the allure?

Is it that you CAN have a multitude of different items?

Is it that you CAN fill your plate multiple times?

But we always choose not to?

With a plethora of items in front of us, we still gravitate to the same, even though we have perfectly free options in front of us with little to no risk where you can push the plate away if you don’t like and go get a new one.  And I’m not talking about trying one new item on your plate, I’m talking about loading up the plate with everything you have never tried and trying to eat all of it.

Trying to change, trying to take everything on your plate as new and see what works.  Not the little bits here and there, but the big baddies – I’m talking the Calamari of change.

Sometimes we worry about making the big changes because the little ones are easier, the little wins, the quick starts.  These are all great, but sometimes, you gotta make the big change and dive into it.

Choose to fill your plate with lots of change, try it all, and if you don’t like it, go back for more, there always more.


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