On the last day of a conference, everyone is generally in a pretty giddy mood.  A small part for end of conference party, but the larger part for the wealth of material they have just amassed.

Assuming you went to a conference on a topic that you had an interest in.

We aren’t giddy for what we’ve learned, but to go back and try out some ideas and put what we have learned into effect.

There is no greater conference killer than the attendee who comes back, never uses what they have learned and goes back to keeping on doing everything they did before.

You can switch how you do things every year, but if you, the leader, don’t give your team the opportunity to grow and teach the rest of the group what they learned at these events, then really you should just focus on keeping the money spent and putting it into a night out for the team playing Beer Pong – the result will be the same.

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