Remember when you were a coding machine?  When you could take a requirement, design it in your head and simply start coding like the hero/heroine that you are?

When your day was 110% coding and nothing else?  No meetings, no scrums, no design reviews, no nothing.

Just pure coding bliss.

Why is the act of coding, that as developers,  let us reminisce about the good old days – the best releases we ever did, the best bugs we ever closed, the features that started off as a task but we made so… so much better.

Is it because when we were coding it was just us and the compiler and no one else?  Is it because the tasks were straightforward and we didn’t require clarification to get them done?  Is it because we were young, new, and didn’t really know what we were doing so just jumped in with reckless abandon and did what we could to get it to work.

Whatever the reason for your nostalgia of coding, always remember that someone is building that story right now, with that next line of code and function that they have never heard of but just discovered.  And now it is up to you to not become revel in your own nostalgia but help someone build their own.

Support, Empower, Guide, Encourage – because when they look back – you will be part of that story.

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