The Patterns we become Use to


I’ve always had an Xbox, from the first version to the 360 to the One.

As soon as I could connect it to the Internet I did, routing cables everywhere to make it work.

Recently I had to move my Xbox to a location that did not have wired access and had to connect it to wifi.

Immediately, based on my history and patterns of usage with game systems I immediately went to looking online for an Xbox One wifi adapter.

When I couldn’t find one, I then went to researching exactly how I could get wifi access to my Xbox One without having to route new cables or move it back.

I then realized that the Xbox One came with a built in wifi adapter.

A feature I never wanted, that never figured into the purchase of my Xbox and based on my usage patterns and history, never really considered as being “there”.

What are you missing out on that derives from your past history and perceptions.

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