I’m not the best flyer.
I’m not quite sure where it stems from – being up 25,000 ft in a tin can careening at 500 km/hour or simply not being able to see what is coming next and controlling the turns and adjustments that come as a result.
What I do know, is the closer I get to landing, the better I feel, the more relaxed I get.
Is it because we are getting closer to land and the injury from impact would be lessened (somehow)?
Is it because it is almost over and near the end?
Is it because I know what is coming next?
I’ve often found these thoughts to mimic the ending of a project.  I can see the deadline in site, code is coming together, we are on track, we are going to make it, we are going to get there, we have to do these last 17 items, it could be a little bumpy getting there but we will all get there.
I do try and think of this as I’m flying during the trip to reduce my stress, but like any project, sometimes you just need to strap in, hold on and settle in for the bumps that are going to come your way taking comfort in the knowledge that the crew/team you have with you are going to get you there.

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