Have you ever encountered that point in your project where it is simply dragging… maybe for a good reason, maybe for bad… but it’s dragging… on… and on… and on…
And it’s at the point where people are starting to go through the motions of working on it instead of being really invested in it.
If this sounds like a project you’re on, then your project needs a Kickstart to breathe life back into it…
  • Shake up your status meetings – does everyone need to be there?  No, boot the rest out and let them work on the project.
  • Has your feature line up become stale and outdated?  Clean ii up?
  • Are the groups status reports getting weak?  Hold a contest for most energetic report?
  • Running with a lot of showstoppers?  Have a contest for best showstopper of the week?
  • Bring in the client and give feedback on the pilots – yes, not you, the client, no prep, no talk – just ask them for their honest feedback.
  • Launch a bug finder campaign for QA to see who can find the most bugs.
  • Change up your weekly reports.
  • Send your larger a team a weekly newsletter on the awesomeness of your project and how your team is really kicking tail.
  • Draw a mascot.
  • Put the mascot on t-shirts
  • Give the project a code name.
  • Hold your next status meeting in the break room with tea and crumpets?
  • Everyone online?  Encourage everyone to be in the weirdest place for the next project meeting.
Do something, anything that immediately breathes a blast of fresh air, life, and humour that seeks to not only inject some fun into the project but perhaps shake things up with team rosters, workloads, client engagement, trial results, etc, etc.

Who can give a Kickstart?  Anybody, the point is to simply give it a swift kick and get it going again with the excitement of when it first started.

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