It used to be an ordeal to learn a new programming language.

  1. Download the framework.
  2. Patch your OS (possibly)
  3. Install pre-requisites.
  4. Do the install.
  5. Configure it.
  6. Start Learning

In some cases between 1 and 5, you had to download IDEs (Integrated Development Environment)  and sometimes these cost money.

So there you are now, shelling out money, installing new frameworks, messing up your computer if you do it wrong what a pain.

Now, now it’s more like this…

  1. Setup an account with your cloud provider of choice – Amazon, Google, Amazon, Other.
  2. Create a VM from a template that has what you need.
  3. Store your code in Github.

Oh yeah, you might only be able to get a 30-day trial or have some usage credit limits that force you to do a reset every 30 days.

But is that what is stopping you?

Instead of looking at it as it expiring in 30 days, approach it as – “What can I accomplish in 30 days”.

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