Getting a project off the ground, especially when it is…
  • Something new
  • Personal
  • Represents a big change in direction
  • Goes against the status quo?
Is never easy.
We get down on ourselves, we feel like we aren’t making enough progress, it doesn’t work the first time, etc, etc.
That’s where Project Support comes in.
Project Support is someone (or ones) that are there to support you in making it happen.  Now don’t confuse Project Support with someone who is aligned with your vision and goals and votes with you at a meeting.
No Project Support is very different.
The Project Supporter is there to push you to keep going, makes sure you’re on the right path, asks you the hard questions as to whether you are getting done and maybe provides some feedback.  They aren’t there to do it or stand up at a meeting and pat you on the back, no no, they are there to make sure you get it done, in some shape or form.
In the office or out, we all need these people in our lives, you can’t always do it by yourself, don’t learn this too late.

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