Two years ago when I went to rebuild my computer I would do the following;
  • Backup all my personal files to a drive.
  • Gather all my installs that I had download and put them on a drive.
  • Get all bookmarks and favourites together so I wouldn’t lose them.
  • Grab my mail files
  • Format PC.
  • Fiddled around with my drivers.
  • Restore all that I backed up.
Here is what I did a few weeks ago when I had to do this;
  • Format PC.
  • Downloaded Dropbox and synchronized my files.
  • Logged into Chrome and retrieved all my bookmarks.
  • Fiddled around with my drivers.
What software did I really need to do re-install?  Maybe 5 applications;
  • NotePad++
  • FileZilla
  • Visual Studio
  • SQL
The rest, I use online through a browser and even the above or merely out of habit and preference for their IDEs.
Fix my driver issue (please fix this issue) and I should be able to log into any computer, download my life and be up and running in minutes.

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