We’re moving things around. The spot I had previously set aside that received the optimal wifi signal, had room for me lay out papers on, a window and a comfortable chair is now gone.

I haven’t been able to figure out why it’s been hard to write anything the last week – my spot is gone, lack of ideas , perhaps my motivation seemed to drop off a bit – any or all of the above?

I thought about this last night as I walked aimlessly around the house for another place – that one has no wifi reach, no window here, more excuses, still getting nothing done.

Today I cracked open the most basic of apps – Notepad – from a crummy location and typed like I would never type again. More ideas came and were added to the backlog.

Sometimes it’s the simple act of doing that gets us going, regardless of the perfection of it all.

And yes, I am aware this sounds a bit like Sheldon Cooper – that’s the point.

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