It’s easy to become seduced by the stats, page views and followers of our work.

How many comments did we generate?

How many leads were created?

What was the conversion rate?

How many followers did we garner from that last campaign?

These are the External Factors – the factors we have no control over, the factors we can only influence but not control – despite our ongoing efforts.

But the Internal Factors – the feeling of accomplishment, of putting our best work out there, of doing something different when we know the tried and true will “do the job” and going beyond the 80%.

Those are the factors that are 100% in our control, in our purview, and in our rearview window.  We should look to control and measure them because they are the factors (whichever the combination) that drive us forward to the next project and keeps us going in the marathon and not the sprint.

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