As we progress in our careers and rise through the proverbial ranks we must never forget to stop and look back.

Whether it’s a new process, idea, suggestion, etc, we must always have the strength and desire to look back – analyze what went right or wrong and identify what we can borrow from that experience to get better for the next one.

A good way to think of this is to take every process, idea, suggestion and classify them as experiments. By immediately labeling them as such our paradigm shifts from being concerned about it being a success or failure to instead being concerned if we don’t finish and later identifying was it a success or failure.

What worked?

What didn’t?

What do we need to change next time around?

Once we start to see everything we do from an angle of experimentation, the pressure, stress and concern over success and failure melts away and we focus on simply doing our best without worrying about any missteps.

Scientists have been doing this for decades, their first try is never their last and they know it going in, the rest of us simply need to catch up.

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