I love this moment – not because I’m not prepared – I am.  I’ve done the research, I’ve done the presentation, I’ve done the pitch, I’ve run through it a 1000x in my head before I even say the first word.

I love the feeling… of doing something that no one can follow… of not knowing where the discussion is going to take you… of brainstorming suggestions that could work but might not… of engaging with your team and throwing it out there to the people and not the process…

It’s not easy to let go, sit back and watch what happens.

And the results, well sometimes they are great and sometimes you wish you had stuck with your presentation deck.

But oh man, when it is great, it is mindboggling great and worth every failure you went through.

And if you are keeping score, the better you get at reading the situation, the better you get at Going off the Script…

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