Of all the peeves that drive developers crazy, it’s messy code, cluttered code, code that works, but is not as good as it could be.

When we’ve finally had enough – we Refactor it and clean it up.

When we check in that refactored code, most likely it breaks a slew of sloppy code somewhere else, so we go fix that.

And we keep doing that – build, fail, clean, build, fail, clean – practice because at the end of the day; clean, organized code is gorgeous to look at and aligns perfectly to the vision in our heads.

But as I look at my desk, I realize it’s as cluttered as some of that sloppy code and it’s starting to take up space in my head as it doesn’t align with the vision I want.

All these things poking out at me, tea cups here and there, sticky notes reminding me what to focus on, notes all over the place – it clutters my mind, clutters my goals, clutters my direction.

When this happens, just like in code, it’s time for a Refactor to clean it up and reset.

Developer skills becoming Life skills!

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