Remember the buzz around Call to Action – everything must end with a call for people to take action, to do something, to become something, to make it happen?

But it’s not a call – it’s something more.  

We can all watch a presentation and follow-up with the call to action to go talk to 10 people on our team and ask them how their day was and how they are feeling or reach out to 5 customers and see if they are really happy with us.

What it should be called is a Commitment to Action – the commitment to follow-up with your team each week to see how things are progressing and where you can help.  A commitment to not only reach out to your customers but go meet with them, understand their business, see their challenges in action and devise solutions for them, strengthening your relationship with them.

That’s different than a Call to Action – that’s a Commitment to Action – an ongoing commitment that might not show returns in the short-run but in the long-run yields great dividends.

That’s an action I can get behind.

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