One is trying to bring something into existence (Create) and the other is trying to assemble, fabricate or join “things” together into something (Build).

When you Create something you are trying to bring life to something from the ground-up, to inspire and motivate those around you to help you so whatever your something is it can come to life.

Building something involves putting components together (in some cases against a plan) in the hope that you will have something.

We Create cars and houses when they are conceptual bundles of new ideas and are unique to themselves.  When the need comes for mass consumption, we move to building and assembly as quickly as we can.


Reading the above would you then choose to Create a Team Culture or Build one within your organization?

When you build a team culture, you take the good components of what others have done and hope that it all comes together in yours and you achieve the right mixture of materials to make it a success.

When you create a team culture, you acknowledge you are starting from nothing and you create based on what your team brings to the table – what views and ideas they have, that slowly over time shape the direction of where you (all of of you) want to go.

There is a difference, it’s a subtle one, not readily seen on the surface, but as you dig deeper, it becomes almost enveloping.

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  1. I think culture is not something you can build but is like an equation or a recipe where you need the right people with the right attitudes (not even about skill), the right difficult problems for them to solve as a team (this is where they will bond) and management that you can trust that doesn’t put itself above its teams…after that it’s just equally investing in your teams in key places things they can share and things that will make them productive as individuals. From there culture will grow. One thing I love about talking to my boss is if I need something, there aren’t a lot of questions..they trust me to get it done and will support me…that’s really awesome form of empowerment and a really cool culture.

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