Video games do this very well – they show you what you can achieve if you keep playing, 3 or 4 levels down the line from where you currently are.

Forget the time investment to get there – they give you a taste of what extra goodies you can get.

They hook you before you are even there.

When listening to speakers or presenters that you really like – what is there hook?

You won’t see it immediately, you might need to watch a few times, but when you see it, you’ll see it was early on in their presentation.

It was subtle, almost hidden.

But it made you stay in your chair, made you sit up a little straighter and made you want to see what it was when you got there.

Hooks aren’t nefarious – the good ones, the really great ones – are built from trust, patience, understanding and passion for what you do.  When you convey those sentiments to people, you are moving beyond coercing towards engaging them in a positive way.

The next step becomes in developing a hook that aligns to who you are.

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