I get these questions every now and again.


Where’s the value?

Where do the posts come from?

What’s it for?

So here goes…

Why?  I like to try new things, I like to challenge myself in new endeavors and I like to see where things can go if you put enough effort into them.

Where’s the value?  I hope it’s in what I write and hope it’s how I get better each and every day.

Where do the posts come from?  Oh everywhere, life around me.  I’ve written posts about how a cashier treated someone who had a problem, how a team struggled through adversity, how I forgot to solder the last pipe in a chain and flooded my kitchen and even how the puddles were once laid out in a parking lot.  It’s about looking at situations and applying them to you or others and figuring out that connected pattern.

What’s it for?  For me.  Each of these is a source of inspiration for me, not modeled off of anyone but rather of who I want to be and who I need to sometimes remind myself who I should continue to aim to be.  We’re not all perfect (at least I’m not) so every day, when I receive my own posts, I take a quick read of them, chuckle at my grammar and remember where I want to go.  When someone likes, comments or tweets on something I wrote, that’s great too – kindred spirits, it’s no longer a solo journey.

So yeah, strap in.


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