This is a very hard question to ask of yourself and of others.

It generally arises when your motivation has dipped, the projects have lost their lustre and you feel you are doing more grinding and “going through the motions” than you should be.

But you want to get better, you want to improve and you want to be there.

So the question you have to ask yourself is whether you are too far gone.

I write this having been in this spot a few times in my career, we all get there, no need to deny it, but when you are leading a team it takes on a whole new level of importance because no longer do you need to understand whether you are far too gone but also whether people on your team are too far gone.

And if there are people that are too far gone, then what do you need to be doing to bring them back in, to make them feel motivated again, to want them to see every project as not another “thing to do” but another opportunity.

If caught early enough, and turned around, the results are amazing… but first you have to spot it.

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