It’s easy to lead when times are good.

When revenue and profit margins aren’t just hitting your targets but exceeding them by leaps and bounds.

When everyone on your team comes into work with the best attitudes, everything perfect at home, zero baggage coming into the office and being ready to do whatever needs to be done to deliver.

But it’s also boring.

There is no challenge.

There is no drive.

No push for change.

No pressure.

But when you have to lead in tough times – when employee morale is low, profits are dwindling, the need for change is real and all around you, you are trying to find the way out – now that’s a good time to lead.  That’s the time when you can you lead your team and make incremental improvements every day, get better every day, push harder every day and see the fruits of your labour start to bear fruit.

We should eschew the uncertain times, instead we should embrace them.

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